Friday, December 7, 2007

Horror Stories

Can't think of anything profound to write about today... as my stomach is still queasy from the horror stories Odie wrote for LitCritters. Odie is this year's editor-in-chief of the Weekly Sillimanian, a member of the SU Debate Society, a basketball and chess player, singer, dancer, actor, (played the role of Candlewick in the musical "Pinocchio" last year), class A academic scholar, student leader, Mass Com junior, and is awaiting his turn to be sent as a scholar to Japan. He was supposed to go last year but his trip was postponed as his medical exam showed a lesion in his lungs that had to be treated.

I remember the afternoon I told him the diagnosis, after getting several expert opinions and second opinions in the hospital. We were seatmates in Lit 22 (World Literature) and he was silently crying in class because he wanted the Japan scholarship so much but the diagnosis meant he had to undergo treatment for six months before he can be certified as fit to travel, especially to a country as cold as Japan. My heart was breaking too because I have this special bond with Odie. Maybe because we both like to talk about writing and literature, maybe because we used to work together in Pinocchio and in the Drama Team or maybe because he is the exact same age as my son, JR, who also graduated valedictorian in high school like him. Or maybe it is because one of the first things he said to me when we first met was, "Ate, you look like my mother."

Amazingly, the six months have come and gone. Odie completed his treatment by going to the hospital religiously every day. Repeat examination showed that he is totally healed, cured, restored, fit, recovered, perfectly healthy! And Odie is looking good and definitely not harrassed anymore as he said he has gotten used to the stress of putting together a weekly school paper.

But the horror stories that Odie wrote are fiction.

Here's a horror story that is not fiction. For all women and for men who love women.


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