Tuesday, October 14, 2008


We are going to get an MRI machine for the province.

Sunstar - DOH assures purchase of medical equipment

Philippine Information Agency - DOH to deliver check for Negros Oriental MRI

Negros Chronicle - GMA to Macias: P65M here’s your MRI, Dodo!

So, yes, we are going to get an MRI machine for the province, a gift from GMA if I understand it correctly. And why am I using question marks as my punctuations instead of two or three exclamation points to emphasize my excitement? Simply because I am not excited at all about this. I cannot honestly say wow, I'm so glad we are finally going to have an MRI machine, even if it is a "gift" because this gift actually comes from taxpayers money, and because I believe there are so many other things that our province sorely needs in terms of health care delivery other than a very expensive MRI machine. I am not against getting an MRI machine. I just wish the other more urgent needs could be addressed, and with timeliness, as well.

The Sunstar, the PIA and the Negros Chronicle articles in the links above have this quote that goes: "We lack health facilities here and this has driven doctors away from the province to work in other hospitals in other places." I cannot agree with that because I personally know most of the doctors who have left or are planning to leave the province and the lack of health care facilities is definitely not one of the issues.

I would like to say more but I think it is better to end this post now before the water gets too hot.


J.A. said...

Doc Ness, I'm dollowing your suggestion and sending my last post as the contribution to this TBR: http://jaaraf.blogspot.com/2008/10/happy.html

Nag-timing lang gyud ang topic, did not realize it was the next one on the list.

ness said...

Yes, JA, perfect timing!


M.C.Fusilero said...

Doc Ness!!! heheh!!! I miss Dumagetz...by the way please put a chat box here...please...hahah...how's work?

MerryCherry, MD said...

"even if it is a "gift" because this gift actually comes from taxpayers money"

Love your sarcasm Doc. :)

I owe you a post. Di talaga kinaya ng powers ko. Kailan be deadline?

ness said...

hi macel,
thanks for visiting. sem break ngayon so bakasyon muna. :-)

ness said...

hi merrycherry,

you're sharp! na-gets mo, ha...;p

as for your entry, hihintayin ko talaga!!