Monday, December 3, 2007


In the Old Testament there was the Jewish exile.

In the nineteenth century there was the Chinese dispersion.

In our time, there is the Filipino diaspora.

Will you be the new Rizal?


Lloyd said...

Wow. How'd you find out about this kid? Is he a sensation in the Philippines currently? I linked to his video on my post today, too.

Lloyd said...
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nadine said...

Way to go, Kevin. No ethnic identity crisis there. Vive l'Kevin. Mabuhay!

annellison said...

Hi, my name is Ann. I am living witness to this growing boy - kevin.
I have seen the evolution in his life and I must admit that I was deeply moved with the video!
Kevin, is a very good example of a young person, who, at an early stage in his life realised the sacrifices of his parents.
I sincerely congratulate his parents, Mr and Mrs Raul Tordecilla. Their combined efforts have molded Kevin for what he is now.
I strongly believe, that someday, Kevin will become an important figure not only in our country but in France as well.

Kevin, I am so proud of you. Keep up the faith and continue to work for a bright future.