Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Reality bites. Ouch!

I am a Filipino and I love the English language.
But the following just ah...
left me gasping for my salbutamol inhaler.
Note: The first three pics are scenes from the ubiquitous ukay-ukay in the Philippine landscape, where folks from all walks of life troop to partake of morsels from the great American dream.

No (*bleep*). Don't you ever be caught dead in this. Is this the kind that you use to cover your bed with, eh? Well, it depends...


Now this one here is a real canversation piece...


Awwww.... ain't dat sweet? Mwah.


Ok. This one here promises no nonsense stainless craft. You can order retainers for your teeth to uh... decorate your teeth with. Don't fancy that? Well, how about a ring with your name engraved on it? You like that? Order now!


Sorry folks, this is an athletic oval. For athletes to run sprints and relays and stuff like that. Or maybe race horses, then that's alright too. But if your vehicle is a bicycle, err... ahh...why don't you try the boulevard? Or the airport runway in between plane landings perhaps?

Okay, now listenherevery closely. Like. This is real important. Get me? If you can't read the above, well, let me be a little more friendly to the tourists and spell it out for yah here, k? But first, maybe you need to get your inhaler too.


1. Safety the important things. The management will not shoulder if anyting is lost.

2. Throw all plastic; cellophane in the sacks that hung in the tree.

3. Throw the biodegradable in the rubber garbagge.

4. Please don’t throw anywhere the bones, candies, ice cream pop wrappers,
waste of fruits, cigarette butts. Throw in the garbagge.

5. Don’t broke the bottle specially softdrinks, beer, and hard liquor.
Once you caught penalty P 100.00.

6. Stay where you are occupied cottage.

7. Once you caught stay other cottage, you should pay another for that cottage.

8. During eating time. Please don’t stay or sit the other cottage. So that we can identifie
d cottage that are available for other customers come in.

Be discipline ourselves. This rules should be follow.

Thank you very much….


Now, if you're like, still ok by this time, you may want to check out the source of all this.

Beautiful photography. And photographer as well.


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