Saturday, December 22, 2007

Parties galore

Last night was another party loaded evening: 4 pm - SUMC OB-Surgery Department; 5 pm- SU Medical School; 6 pm - Holy Child Hospital. Some consultants went to all three, mostly to watch the various presentations because really, how much lechon can one take in one night?

I went to only one - at SUMS. And I think it was the most fun and the most enjoyable party so far, hearing the comments of the others who went party hopping. It was a delight to watch the creative presentations of the students, considering they had so little time for practice and preparation because of their heavy study load. We were entertained with: a Christmas musical medley, a musical skit, hand mime and the one I liked best, their medically contextualized version of "The Twelve Days of Christmas". Even the faculty had a surprise number; we were all surprised because we did not know we were to present something too.

It was a unique party because it started with a "sermon" by Dean Dr. Jonathan Amante. About how he would like all parties of the medical school to be no-alcohol and no-smoking parties. And his lecture about redeeming the wounded name of the medical profession. It was held at our very own main lecture hall and all the students were sitting prim and proper in their desks, it seemed like a medical conference instead of a party except that everyone was all dolled up.

The blooper of the evening was that the caterer, Nessi's, forgot to bring plates and utensils. So the food was there but we could not eat because there were no plates, forks and spoons, napkins, and no softdrinks, too. It turned out the utensils were mistakenly taken to another party they were catering in Amlan, that's three towns from Dumaguete, after Sibulan and San Jose. Real bummer. We had to buy paper plates so we could eat. Then later the softdrinks came but they were "febrile". Tsk tsk. Really lousy caterer. Nessi's is the name.

But the videoke time I think made up for the contemptible food service. Everybody got to sing and dance and had fun photo sessions. I didn't take pictures with my cellphone as I saw several high tech cameras clicking around and the students promised to send me copies so I can post it here later.

The party ended with surgical precision at nine pm, as prescribed by our beloved Dean Dr. Amante. I wanted to hug my students a Merry Christmas but instead I just reminded them, ok, I want to read your answers to your Christmas break assignments in your weblogs.

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