Thursday, December 27, 2007

Stuff it

This is my dashboard. A menagerie of favorite things.

First the background: the nostalgic Dumaguete "boulevard of broken dreams" at 7 am

Then the listlog:

1. White elephant, with red ears and feet; it goes squeak-squeak when shaken - from beloved son Raphael

2. Brown teddy bear - from Circus Circus

3. Yellow lamb with orange snout and feet - from Reno

4. Gentle tiger - from Las Vegas

5. Throw pillow (to sit on so I can see the road while driving) - from Cang's

6. Blues Clues - from beloved son Raphael

7. Daschund - holding a red heart and sporting a black choker that says: !Yo quiero Taco Bell

8. Big Doctor's Rx brooch - from Chatty, multimedia maven

9. Golden trumpet - from Gremere, the lad with the golden voice, in remembrance of the most fun and memorable Christmas party we had in 2006

Alas, all these my special stuffy friends may have to go as I am currently suffering from a bad throat thingy which consequently triggers an asthmatic attack.


1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Hi Mel,
I woke up early with my cellphone text message was Taboy telling me how son Don enjoyed the Lake Tahoe experience. He is saying "HI" to you, too. Then, like every mornings, I went online and thought about your blog site and alas, have read your blogs for the past couple of days.. You write well and I intend to visit more often and check out the "goings-on" in your life... I know that it's going to be a "feast of your prose" inasmuch as I, too is a blog-freak.

Saw Carlo and didn't realize that he is no longer a baby.. that's what my memories of him are still.

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! May the good Lord grant our wishes and heart's desires this 2008.