Monday, December 31, 2007

Vicente (+) & Agripina (+) Family Reunion 2007

Party's done
plates dry, stacked again
pictures uploaded
family tree revisited

the (+) after their names
bring me to Christmas decades past
when they walked strong
and I was child

all lights were off
save for miniature flickering bulbs
adorning the tree beside

the crèche
surrounded by
crepe paper grass

where plastic shepherds, kings
camels and sheep
paid homage to that
Sacred Mystery

to Josemarie from Sta. Claus
to Carling from Snow White
to Christine from Rudolf the red nosed reindeer
to Albert from Cinderella

delicately wrapped presents
Camay soap Colgate.
Guitar matches White rabbit.
secretly culled from
Lola’s sari-sari tindahan
bringing delight to cousins and siblings
reciting, singing, a program
with Lolo Vito hosting
as Santa, his beard kept falling

Today I’m the adult
All choked up, overwhelming
Amazing gifts abounding

Bhea – singing
Lalaine - singing
Ellyn - dancing
Christine and Nanet – organizing
Boboy – emceeing
Marissa – cooking
Mike - game hosting
Me – dishwashing
Others – simply being

Tears free flow
with the dishwater.
And they are sweet.

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