Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Father's side

This is our family tree on my father's side.

TIBURCIO (+) and MARIA (+)


1. Glicerio (+) and Iluminada - San Francisco
a. Toto and Tess - SFO

b. Mariles and Joel (+) - Sta. Catalina
Anna May (Em-em )
Ailou Rose (Ai-ai) (+)
Joel Nino (Gong-gong)
Andrea (Dea)
Marilee (Maril)

c. Bebong and Sonny - London
Glorianne (Glo-glo)

d. Andrew (B-Al) and Maryann - SFO
Allysa (Aling-ling)

e. Glina May (Mimi, Mikay) - SFO

f. Glicerio Jr. (Ontoy) - SFO

g. Alberto and Melinda - Quezon City
Louise Ann
Eldrick Vijay

h. Francis (Bingbing) and Alan - SFO

g. Sheila Maris (La-lay) - SFO

2. Jovito and Consuelo

3. Amado and Anding - Alangilan

a. Shelly - Dubai

b. Genalyn - Manila

c. Enrique Neil
Neil Austin

4. Lucresia and Raphael - TX

a. Arlene - TX

b. Maribeth (Libeth) and Jim - TX
Jonathan Daniel

c. Lenibelle (Chinggay) - Davao

d. Noel (Dondon) - Davao

e. Lonkoy - TX

f. Maria Fe - TX

g. Ruel - Estela - ocean/Dumaguete
Luke Daniel

h. Mark Anthony - TX

5. Menelio and Milagros - Sta. Catalina

a. Hernanie (Nonoy) and Stephanie (ZsaZsa) - Sta. Catalina
Deanne Lois

b. Cecilia (BB Cel) and Donald (Nanat)- Sta. Catalina
Raynan (Tabingcoy)

c. Hermenio (Boyet) and Sheila - Sta. Catalina
Natasha Abagail (Tasha)
Aisha (Ai-ai)
Neil Nathaniel (Neil2x)

d. Raelyn Grace - TX

e. Henry (Bobong) and Anna Lilymay (Limay) - Sta. Catalina
Liana Grace
Menelio II (Gong-gong)
Alexander (Baby Kong)

6. Cleofe and Frank (+) - TX
a. Leah and Hugh

b. Janice

7. Isaac (+) and Venus - Davao

a. Paul Israel - Baltimore

b. Leandro and Rachel - New York/Davao
Leonard John
Linus Jomeo
Maki Lew
Maria Ysabela Drew

c. Noreen (Ganggang) - Davao

8. Jose and Monseratt (+) - Sta. Catalina

a. Paul - London

b. Janry - Manila

9. Asela (+) and Pidong - Sta. Catalina

a. Alice Marie (Pia) - Sta. Catalina

b. Marissil (Diane) - Davao

c. Alfredo Jr. (Ging-ging) and Jane - ocean/Dumaguete

10. Lourdes and Nickarter - Sta. Catalina

a. Grace Mae - Sta. Catalina

b. Nickarter Jr. - ocean

c. Jules Cesar and Glenda - ocean/Manila
Jules Cesar II (Burdot)
Leah Mae (Burdat)

Oh my goodness. This is harder than I thought. I used to know all my cousins' names but now I just can't remember all. Add to this the fact that for some of my cousins, I only know their nicknames and Filipinos have a funny way with nicknames. I have cousins/nephews/nieces who are Ganggang, Gingging, Gonggong, Bingbing, Bubong, Bingbong, Bebing, Baby, Bebe, Bebong, Baby Cel, Baby Al, Tata, Toto, Tote, Sheila and Shelly. Are you still wondering why I get confused? ;-)

Plus there are cousins who work on ships, spending more time on the sea than on the shore. So where do I put their whereabouts? Ocean?

Plus there are cousins who will be migrating to America this January so I'm not sure where I should put their location to be.

For sure, this family "tree" is incomplete. Hopefully my cousins will send me their updated data (real name!, correct spelling and sequence of names of kids/siblings) so I can complete it.

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