Saturday, January 19, 2008

Lotsa things

Oh, yeah.

Lotsa things happening today.

1. Cousin Janry-Abegail Wedding - seeing all those long lost relatives made me cry. My nephews and nieces are mga ulitawo and dalaga na! What does that make me? Yeah, right. ;p

Janry-Abigail and the luscious wedding cake.

2. SUHS Batch '78 Manila Group - meeting at Erlyn's house and calling me: such a ruckus! They wanted to know what the Dumaguete group is expecting from them. I said how about a dance number? They said, "Dance number only?!" I said, "No, that's just the introduction to the evening dinner that you, the Manila Group, will sponsor." Them, "Ah, how about a dance number and a song number na lang? With emcee included?" Me, "Ah, pagsabot na lang usa mo diha, uy. Kung mosponsor mo ug dinner, malipay mi. If dance number ra, modawat ra pud mi." :-)

Later they called again. Nakapapicture na daw sila to be sent to me for posting here. And they've decided to sponsor the t-shirt design and printing. Thanks! And the dance and song number too. :-)

3. Doctors in Touch planning for the Summer National Convention of Medical Students here in Dgte.

4. Planning for the February family reunion (like Very Special People coming home!! ohmygosh) My mother and father have this little notebook that they carry around. Guess what's in it?! What's the most important thing for Mommy? Haha! If you know my mother, you will know that the topic that she wants to talk about is: THE MENU! Hahahaha! Yes, the menu for each day that her pinaka-buotan na anak will be here this February! Heheheh. Daddy also has his own entries in this little notebook. His agenda: the where and the when, when will we go here and there, how many days will we stay here/there, activities here/there, stuff like that.

5. Tito Arnold, sick and admitted in the hospital. Always keeping his cellphone and watch nearby. Waiting for the time when his children and relatives would call, as promised. He looks forward so much to these calls and visits.

**Bottom line: It's all about connecting. And reconnecting. With family. And friends. That's what we all long for. And need.


The wedding guests:

Uncle Onor, Daddy, Uncle Loloy, Manila based cousin Albert and wife Linlin.

Uncle Nickarter, daughter Maya, Auntie Lourd (walking now after the stroke) and cousin Chinggay, migrating to America soon, as in next week.

Deanne and Mom Zsazsa

Architectural designer cousin Tata, now based in Baltimore, and whom I haven't seen in more than ten years!

Here's a song for the newlyweds from my son Mike and girlfriend, Lalaine.

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