Sunday, February 3, 2008

Fiddler, 2008

Fiddler on the Roof has been staged numerous times in Silliman University, debuting in 1975 when the Luce Auditorium was spanking brand new. I was a high school sophomore then and several of my classmates and friends were in the cast. I don't remember much of the play then but I do remember being fascinated by the transformation my friends underwent when they were on stage.

Repeat performances of Fiddler were held 20 years later in 1995 and again during the Silliman Centennial in 2001. Evelyn Aldecoa played Golda in 1975 and she directed all three of the repeats, including this 2008 show. Junix Inocian, now an international stage actor, also of Miss Saigon fame, played the lead role of Tevye in 1975.

I also have some friends in the cast this year, my favorite of which is Micah Stephan B. Dagaerag, a philosophy major and my classmate in Lit 22 last year. When we were classmates I was impressed by his wit and the way he arranged his words when he spoke. Little did I know that he could sing as well!


to be continued as I have an emergency call...

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