Saturday, February 23, 2008

Dauin beach

Hi ho hi ho
Off to the beach
We go
Hi ho hi ho hi ho...

Lola Par, Lolo Fel, Lola Glo and Carlo

Anton, Kate, Bhea, Vince, Lhet, with Jean in the background.

This vessel named The Island Explorer docked and a boatful of caucasians in wetsuits disembarked. They just came from a scuba diving expedition in nearby coral reefs.

This is where we dined, a long table adorned by an equally long log.

This is Nanet's youngest child, Aya, first time on my weblog, I think. Asyusa child, she did not want sand on her sandals!

Carlo had french fries and ice cream too.

Lying in that multi-colored hammock is pretty cool, as it sways in the gentle sea breeze.

And this above is the view from the hammock.

The sun and surf was too much for Canadian lass Kate Dominique. She took a nap on a bamboo lounge chair/bed after an afternoon of swimming.

And here's Vince, at the throw-everything-in-sight age, casting stones into the sea.

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