Tuesday, March 4, 2008

technical rehearsal

Just got back from the Pinocchio technical rehearsal. Whew. We still have quite a number of things to fine tune to make a show that's par excellence. But many times during the rehearsal, I was beaming with pride at how good our local talents are! They are amazing!!! Hay, I love my own, my native land...

And tomorrow is the dress -tech. The dress rehearsal and the technical rehearsal in one. It's gonna be like the real thing. And the next day is rest day for the entire cast. The crew, though, will not have a rest day as the whale (that swallows Pinocchio) is going to be set up, as well as rig the snow to fall on a winter night. Stuff like that. (So exciting for theater enthusiasts like me!)

I could go on and on talking about theater but need to rest now as it's goin to be another long day tomorrow.


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