Tuesday, June 24, 2008

same birthdays

These two babies have the same birthdays. And they were both born under modern circumstances. In sterile hospital settings. Today.

I wonder how it was when my Lola Agre was born more than a century ago, in 1907. Surely it must have been quite different.

How does one say happy birthday and I miss you to a memory?

Lola Agre and Lolo Cente


bLoggiE said...

sorry kung ala naku naka write!
busy naman gud with skul...
how are you and the rest there, tita?
i didn't know it was lola's birthday pala!
thanks for reminding me!

Ness said...

hi paw,
we didn't have our usual party on lola's birthday this year. lola mary offered a mass at the palacio.

hey, enjoy your high school days ha. i think that's the best time to have all the fun kay ang college mas serious study ang needed.

regards to all.