Saturday, May 17, 2008

bravo mama, bravo golf

National Artist for Literature, Dr. Edith Tiempo, gave a special lecture on poetry last Friday for the Dumaguete National Writers Workshop. At 89, she is still very sharp and able to project her voice to a roomful of people without using a microphone. Mommy Edith gave us a sample of a lighthearted and playful poem from her latest anthology which she completed last month.

"... reverberation...indigenous wit... erudite terms ... startling idea..."

The venue for that special lecture was the Bravo Golf Hotel (formerly the Bravo Golf and Country Club) in Sibulan. The hotel, restaurant and golf course are already fully operational but the grounds immediately around the hotel are still being developed. This is much like the work of the fellows, still "under constant construction, tweaking and revision."

This is one of the three swimming pools being built at the Bravo Golf Hotel in Sibulan.

Pool reflecting sky

Mommy Edith and my fave fellow, Lambert


Belated Happy Birthday to my fellow sit-inner, RV! See here what a blast he had on his birthday.

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