Wednesday, May 21, 2008

our very own

There's David Archuleta and there's David Cook and then there's Ryan Seacrest.

We'll, SUHS Batch '78 also has it's own Ryan Seacrest.

Leo and wife Minggay

Don't you agree?

Hey, he even has his own fans club. ;p

Leo 'RyanSecrets' G. with Jane B.

Leo 'RyanSecrets' G. with Emma G.

Here’s an unforgettable Leo/RyanSecrets anecdote:

It was the second day of our 2005 reunion in California and my batchmates and I went to buy some stuff in a grocery store. The boys got some beers and at the check out counter the lady asks Leo/Ryan “Do you have a license?” Stunned, Leo wasn’t able to reply. Checkout lady asks more directly, “Are you over 21?” Leo wanted to answer, “Yeah, I’ve spent over 21 years in the navy!” but he sort of choked on it. We all gulped our screams down and hurried out the door so we could guffaw to our hearts content at the parking lot. ;-)

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