Thursday, June 12, 2008

is it ok if we talk about the PMA?

My initial response:

When it is so hard to say anything good about something or someone, maybe it is better to say nothing at all.


Got meloinks? said...

especially if one is beautiful.

you don't spoil your beauty by bad-mouthing someone else. hehehe. picture ba to ni ryder?

after this tbr, sabi pa ni megamom, we go back to mindless blogging.

Ness said...

when a girl says no at first, ask her again. beauty or not. :-)

Oo nga, ang heavy ng topic mo. Nakutaw ako brain and emo. Balik na tayo sa mga idiotic blogging, hehe.

Em Dy said...

Ness, you might want to join TBR 14: Doc Hollywood. Don't worry. I'm extending the deadline.

Ness said...

thanks Doc Em!

I'll make habol.