Tuesday, June 10, 2008

special gestures for a special person on a special day

Last Saturday, Mrs. PAULINA UY celebrated her 70th birthday with a party at the Bethel Guest House. Mrs. Uy is very fond of cooking and her children decided to do something to honor that - instead of hiring a professional to make flower arrangements for the tables, they decided to decorate the tables themselves using materials that are memorably significant to the birthday celebrant. They used vegetables and spices (carrots, peppers, bunches of garlic, etc.), creatively arranged, as table decorations. Very unique!

And my friend, Agong, brought the house down with her rendition of her contextualized version of "My Favourite Things" dedicated to her mother-in-law. Everybody thought doctors are these super serious people so they were all so delighted to hear Agong sing and 'dance' to her version of ...

Her Favourite Things

ABS Balita, Startalk, and the Buzz

Wrestling, PBB, My Girl, Wowowee

Chronicle, Inquirer are bundled in strings

These are a few of her favorite things.

Coffee and congee, ginamos, inun-unan

Kalamunggay, ampalaya

Bangus and sardinas

Pinakbet, monggos, alugbati, mais

These are a few of her favorite things.

When her tendon breaks

When her flushes strike

When her knees go bad

She simply remembers her favourite things

Then she doesn't feel so bad.

Evista, Cozaar, Lipitor and Arcoxia

Glucosamine, Calcium and Kirklands

Ultrasound, mammogram

DEXA, Pap smear

These are a few NOT SO favorite things.

False teeth and hair dye

And hair that is falling

Back pains and headache

and gums that are aching

Poor hearing, poor vision

Poor memory

That's when she remembers

her favorite things.

When the children call

When the children hug

When she's alone in the room

And then she remembers the great life she's had

Then she doesn't feel so bad.

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