Friday, June 6, 2008

why i write

I write because
there are words jostling inside of me
straining, begging to be set free
An indulgent parent acquiescing
I open the door and let the kids/words
tumble out and frolic in the yard/page
Cautiously admonishing

Don't be too loud lest you draw a crowd
Keep your play clean no sense being mean
When you bike pedal up and down the street
Take care tread not over somebody's feet

Perhaps when you're older may then you'll be bolder
But for now you're a child let our convos be mild
While warm blaze the sun gambol glee have fun
And when the air hung heavy with rain
May then you can share some of your pain.

1 comment:

Kittymama said...

I'm not a poet, so when I read someone who IS, I always hold my breath in awe.

Beautiful, vivid words, Doc Ness. I felt them.