Thursday, July 31, 2008

as promised...

You have been warned, this is going to be a trip down memory lane. Especially dedicated to my widening (ang katawan) and wrinkling (ang mukha) yet steadfastly beloved classmates. This movie was painstakingly made by A.C., the teenage daughter of, Jojo G. and his wife, Zeny, who all live in far away Tracy, California.

Painstaking because we were the biggest batch in the history of Silliman University High School, (or so we claim). We were the only batch with six sections (approximately 40 students per section), all the way from A to F. This was always a source of constant jest for us, because those in section F were those who kept Failing in one subject or another. But looking back, 30 years into the future, we're glad we don't go by "sections" anymore, we're just one big happy class.

A little lesson here: being nerdy and "bright" (characterized as being focused on studies and intellectual pursuits, epitomized by being in Section A or B) or being in the "lower sections" (that would be anything other than Section A or B, with special focus on beauty and personality, love lives, brawls and such) in high school was not very predictive of what we have become after three decades. Meaning, the proportion of "successful" and "messed-up" classmates is evenly distributed all throughout. But then again, there would be the factor of How Is Success Defined And How Is Messed Up A Mess Up? And the follow up question of How To Shift Between Success And Super Mess Up And Vice Versa.

But never mind the answers to those questions. The most beautiful thing about Batch '78 is that no matter what section we belonged to before, today and these past years, we have embraced and stood by each other, Successed or Messed, irregardless. So if you're a batchmate and you're hesitant to come because you're thinking "maulaw ko..." Phooeey. Have no more second thoughts. The "official" celebration begins on August 23, Saturday. The unofficial ones will begin anytime you contact us. You know our numbers, right?

The above movie is already Part III, actually. A.C. had made Part I and Part II a few months ago.

Daghang salamat, A.C.!


Kittymama said...

I think we were also 240 students back in high school (Batch '85). Megamom was my high school classmate. :-)

You're right, of course, 23 years into the future, it hardly matters now what we were in high school. The petty rivalries (for grades, for boys, for popularity) that so made our world spin then is no longer important. And again, like so many ironies of life, the ones who made it were not necessarily the ones with the loudest voices or the highest grades. Some of the quiet ones, the ones who stayed in the background and were just content to watch, are now eminent in their fields. And we couldn't be any prouder.

I haven't been to a class reunion since 1999. My husband is also part of our class, and between him and me, there's always a reunion going on every night. :-) But now that you reminded me how fun it is, maybe I'll think about our class' 25th in 2010. Hmmm, that gives me enough time to diminish my belt size before the old boyfriends see me again, hehe.

Thanks for sharing the video, Doc Ness. It was lovely.

ness said...

GOOO KittyMama!

Attend talaga kayo. It'll be such fun to be (kunwari) young and foolish again. Never mind the beltsize, bah. All the more (mass) to hug each other with. ;-)