Saturday, July 12, 2008

gross grocery error

My sister had a shopping experience today that I think is worth sharing.

At the check out counter in one of the grocery stores here in Dumaguete, she was surprised when her bill racked up to 1,550.00 pesos. Even with prices of commodities all going up, she had this gut feeling that her groceries just could not have reached that amount. So she asked the bagger how many grocery items had he placed inside the plastic bag and he answered around 45-50 items, he wasn't sure. My sister, who works in a bank, saw on the cash register display that the number of items she had bought was 75. Quite a discrepancy.

So she asked if they could please double check and count all her groceries again. They did that and lo and behold, there was one item, a kid's drink worth 17.50 pesos, that was entered in the bill as thirty-two (32) items instead of just two (2)! The salesgirl manning the cash register was totally flabbergasted and dismayed at her gross error and she was very apologetic and looked quite ready to cry as her supervisors were glaring daggers at her.

We believe it was an honest mistake on the salesgirl's part, an error that anybody could make. Still it was an eye opener for me, who never checks the items against the total bill, or even look at the "number of items" notation on the receipt or on the lead computer display at the check out counter. Maybe a lesson for all of us shoppers, too, to be more vigilant because errors like this do happen.


Vk-mahalkaayo said...

good afternoon, dr. ness,

thnks for sharing this.

ako pod after paying lantawon gyd nako ang recibo kung sakto ba, not nga discompyeda ko sa cashier,
naa man god usahay nga mascanned nga madouble, or ang price dli insakto kay wa mausab.

kay ako gani, usahay sa kadaghan sa tawo, di nako makaisip nga nadouble nako ug scan ang goods or ang price wla nako mausab.

wa man pod mahimo or makuha ang cashier kay tua man sa kaha tanan, di man nya-ko makuha...

gani kung makulang bisan 1 cent lang, or more bisan 1 cent lang pod......dako kayo ug tubagongon sa cashier....

1x mahnung, next time dili na ka ek ang cashier,...he-she has to pay iyang kulang money or sobra, di man nya pod makuha....

football or resigned nalang cya kay di na man kabalik....mao man diri sa amoa.....

wla nay aber-aber...basta....


sigi gyd ko diri, after among chika ako sister, pawala sa kamingaw ug daghan ko masayran the NEWS and NEW dha.

bati- nako dool ra kaayo ko diha.

Thanks for sharing all your very interesting post.

sana, dli ko makasabagal diri.

thank you for sharing.....and hope more n more pa gyd.

regards and have a nice sunday to you n family.

and to all dumaguetenian......

ness said...

you are always very welcome, vicki!

i'm glad you're mom is better now.