Friday, July 4, 2008

not anymore

This used to be Lolo Cente's and Lola Agre's house, along Meciano Road. This is the house where I grew up in, from my first conscious thoughts of childhood, until the end of high school, and again after many years of studying and living in Manila.

Tonight, I drove past the house, by chance only as this is no longer along the route that I usually take. And I had to stop. Because it was so strange to see a lot of lights and a lot of people , young people, there, holding group studies and doing computer stuff.

You see, this Meciano house has new owners. It had been sold a year ago. And it has been converted to a dorm and computer place of sorts. And very appropriately, too, because it is just a stone's throw away from Foundation University.

I look at the picture and in spite of the altered facade, I get vivid mental snapshots and video images of the times that I lived there with my Lolo and Lola. I don't know if Lola and Lola would understand why we decided to sell the house. Practical considerations outweighed the romantic holding on to physical things of the past, no matter how precious they may have been. Perhaps it is some consolation that the house that they have built is now home to many young people keen on studying, an activity that my Lolo and Lola have held in highest regard.

Even if I'm crying, I don't feel sad. Only so privileged. Not many people can go by a house. And stop. And take a picture. And say, I used to live there. And it was good. And my grandparents used to live there. And they were very, very good. Lolo and Lola, I miss you. And thank you for all.


MerryCherry, MD said...

I'm sure your Lolo and Lola would understand Doc. :) Medyo scary ung lights sa pic ha.

ness said...

Oo nga. katakot, noh? parang mga you know... ngeeee. takutin pa naman ako. my hand moved kasi tapos yon ang naging effect.