Thursday, July 10, 2008


The norm in the market place is loud talking, to the point of shouting. Sometimes it annoys me when they shout so loud and so close to ones ears. Tonight on my way home I passed by the wet market and noticed this fish vendor who was singing. She wasn't singing aloud, more like just under her breath.

"Dili sila mopalit ug isda kay gikan sa Romblon."

It was already past 7 pm, a time when most fish vendors are packing unsold fish in ice for the next day's business hours. But tonight almost all the vendors had all their fish still out on the tile tables. They weren't packing up yet because sales were quite slow, even if they had already lowered their prices.

oooo, what big sharp teeth you have

This singing fish vendor said to me, " Ma'am, look at the teeth of this one. Imagine if that will bite you. Sakeeet." I liked this woman already. So I decided to buy the swordfish. But only after I took a couple of cellphone pictures.

all other fishes had cheap price tags as well

I think that fish vendor had some techie knowledge. She was beaming when I took a picture of "her espada fish." She was telling her neighboring fish vendors. "Uy, kamo, pang Dumaguete ra mo. Ako, pang-international. Ladidah... ladidahh...di..dah." I have a feeling that woman knows about Friendster and that you can put pictures there, your own and the pictures of your friends. And that your family and friends, or even strangers, from anywhere in the world with internet connection, can view all these pictures

Hmm. I'm thinking. If she gets to be more knowledgeable about computers and the internet, who knows what would happen? She might get hooked on Diner Dash or Zuma or even IM. The marketplace would sure be a less lively place if such a fiesty fish vendor left and became a blogger instead.

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Vk-mahalkaayo said...

mora man ni ug diwit-diwit sa?

remember ko ani, sauna ako papa prito ani para sa among pamahaw with lugaw....

namoot ko sa tindira...
pareha ra ba sa posing kay KODAKAN pra ibutang sa

thanks for sharing....mora pod ko ug naa sa tiange.