Friday, July 18, 2008

remembering typhoons

Saying hello from Metro Manila!

I'm in Manila for a day and am so thankful that it did not rain and flood as it did earlier this week because of another typhoon named Helen.

One particularly horrible memory of a Manila flood comes to mind. Many, many years back, I was walking somewhere along Espana, right across UST, and the water was knee deep and there were rats, dead and alive, floating/swimming around and I could not do anything about it. Just had to continue wading through the rodent infested murky, yukky water.

::shudder:: major shudder::


Got meloinks? said...

i don't easily get to say, revolting! but house rats, along with sputum (hukal)are just ewww. of all things, house rats, those mutant versions of cuddly mice. hehehe. just to have an idea how dirty rats are, Fear Factor doesn't yet feature them as a delicacy. hehehe.

ness said...


agree ako about the rats. hindi sila ang favorite animals ko. -_-

about the sputum naman, ewww nga but as doctors we have to deal with it. that's part of our lives as doctors. especially for pulmos and for anesthesiologists!

Got meloinks? said...

it's a wonder that i finished med school then. hehehe. i can put up with assorted bodily secretions but not much hukal. but i always wear my game face in the face of --hukal. hehehe.