Wednesday, July 23, 2008

the tales of many heroes

The Blog Rounds 16th edition is up at Doc Gigi’s Beyond Borders!

Who needs heroes? We all do. Here are the heroes in the eyes and lives of the Filipino Doctors who Write Weblogs:

At home:
Doc Brian - mom
Doc Remo - mom
Doc Gaya - fathers
Doc Che – parents

In school:
Doc Martin – grade school and high school teachers
Doc Clairebear – med school teacher
Doc Ian – physics teacher
Doc JA – homeroom adviser
Doc Gigi – high school teacher

In the hospital:
Doc Gaya - co-intern
Doc Ness – male aide
Doc Manggy - nurses
Doc Joey – bantays
Doc Em Dy – hospital setting (blood donors, hospital workers)
Doc Megamom - patients, dead and alive

Common people:
Doc Che - farmers, barangay health workers, the youth, the OFW
Doc Mel – taxi driver
Doc Emer – newspaper vendor

How about you? Who is your hero? And as Doc Em Dy thoughtfully asks, When does the job end and heroism begin?


Vk-mahalkaayo said...

I am very eager to meet you...

vacation na ni kim today, sa region where she study.
sana kung nadayon pa ming 2 to uli, unta naa na mi dha, 2 days from now.

kaya lang dli gyd pwede this year.
We plan, If God´s will, next summer vacation.

kung unsa pa, basin mabilin si kim dha, as what our haka-haka, if she can´t find a firm nga iya mapracticum man diri...
then, ma pursue siya to learn english, there....

thanks diay sa imo reply,about this ha?

she is very eager, but we will see n wait na lang.

bye and thank you very much again.

Martin D. Bautista, M.D. said...

Doc Ness, thanks for dropping by. Hope to play golf in Pamplona one day soon.