Thursday, August 7, 2008

class of?

Despite yesterday's banners, I hope nobody got confused.

I belong to Batch '78, gladly and loyally so.

To everyone out there, please make doubly sure you know what class you belong to. Don't be like the gentleman in this poem, which I found at Ms. Ellen Bailey's site, to my delight.


by Jim C. Carpenter

I read an ad in the paper one day
In the Dallas Morning News
All about my class reunion in
A town near Santa Cruz

I tried to decide if I should go
To meet my friends and peers
And see how classmates from the past
Had aged in all these years

I finally resolved that I should go
And see what I could see
And meet my friends from the senior class
Of nineteen fifty-three

I rented a tux and a black toupee
Then brushed my shoes and hair
I trimmed my mustache and my beard
And changed my under wear

I emptied the bottle of after shave
And rented a limousine
I brushed my teeth with Ultra-Bright
Then gargled some Listerine

I soon arrived in splendid form
With a flower on my chest
Sporting a rented diamond ring
And smelling my very best

Now I was dressed in the finest garb
Like a monarch at a feast
When I discovered that no one there
Seemed familiar in the least

Well not a soul remembered me
And my heart dropped to the floor
When I remembered that I was in
The class of fifty-four .


Kittymama said...

Haha! I hope we show off our age more gracefully than Mr. Class of '54.

Enjoyed the poem a lot, thanks for sharing it!

ness said...

As In!! Cute, ano.