Monday, August 25, 2008

Day 3: Resort hopping

Batch '78 rented a big bus for today's resort hopping activity. Brunch, sponsored by Edu, was at Jo's Chicken Inato by the Sea in Sibulan, a town north of Dumaguete. It was truly "brunch" as everybody had double orders of chicken, one for breakfast and one for lunch!

Next stop was at the Private Residence Resort in Dauin, two towns south of Dumaguete, for swimming and snacks, sponsored by Rizza.

Then there was the "city tour" aboard the bus where everyone tried to outdo one another in terms of binuang and kabuang.

If the above news are so lacking in detail it's because I wasn't there with them! huhuhu. Diehard Batch '78er that I am, sometimes I have to be away from our batch activities because duty calls elsewhere. We locals had planned to take leaves from our work during Founder's Week but some responsibilities one just can't take a leave from. So I had to content myself with sketchy vignettes of how their day was spent.

Actually, I was driving enroute to the Private Residence already, with Pam and Karen, who just "floated" in by boat from Iligan when I got a call from Zoe, telling me that the bus they were riding just passed by me, going in the opposite direction as they were already going to their next destination. They were on their way to the wake of Debonaire's mother who passed away last night, during the time that we were having our formal dinner.

And so we turned back to the city and met the whole group at Deb's place in Looc. We did not get to talk much about how their day went aside from the above headlines and newsbriefs because I had a pressing assignment that I needed help with. It is this: tomorrow afternoon is the Miss SUMS (the medical school) Beauty Pageant and I was tasked to prepare some of the questions. This is just totally not my bailiwick, I don't even watch beauty pageants, so how could I know what are the appropriate questions to ask? Thankfully, I have a lot of classmates who are beauty queens themselves or aspiring judges or make-up artists or just plain hinawayon so I got lots of suggestions from them. At first, thinking that because it's a medical school contest, my advisers conjured questions that were medically related. I said that would be tiring. We're so full of serious stuff in medicine already, how about some lighthearted, funny, far-from-medicine questions?

Their suggestions:

"If you were on a date with your boyfriend and you notice that he shows signs of being gay, how would you react?"

Or, "If you were stranded on an island who would you want to be there with you?" That's too easy, I think.

Or, "You were stranded on an island with your boyfriend, your mother and your dog. Rescue comes but could only take you and one more. Who would you choose to be rescued as well?"

Duh. I don't know if these are ok.

And come to think of it, I don't know where I'll put myself tomorrow afternoon. There are actually three activities going on simultaneously tomorrow afternoon, all of which I want to attend.

First, there's poet Dr. Marjorie Evasco, Outstanding Sillimanian awardee 2008 who will give a talk on Poetry and Healing at 2 pm at the Audio Visual Room. THAT I want to attend!

Then there's the Miss SU Medical School at three pm, of which I am supposed to be one of the advisers, although I honestly don't know any advise I can give them. THAT should be interesting to watch! Besides we were required to buy tickets for this.

Then there's the SUHS Alumni Homecoming, also at three pm at the SUHS quadrangle. Need I say I want to attend THAT as well?!

And finally there's this text message from the surgery resident that said there's a possible surgery at two pm, too. Now THAT is something I must attend.

So let's just wait and see, where I'll be AT tomorrow afternoon.

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