Thursday, August 28, 2008

Day 6: Tipon Sillimaniana 2008

The day after the city parade is the traditional D-day of the Founder's Week Celebration. It begins with a morning thanksgiving service at the amphitheater in front of the SU Church. Then there's a breakfast reception for everyone after the Diana Sunrise Service. Batch '78, being a reunioning batch, was one of the sponsors for the food of this morning's university breakfast. However, I doubt if any of us was able to join the Diana and breakfast because, as usual, our previous day ended in the early hours of the next day. The boys particularly had a boys' night out session which lasted until 5 am today. Hmm.

For our girl's spa, I'll tell you more about it when I get back later. Tonight is the Tipon Sillimaniana, the Grand Alumni Homecoming at the SU Quadrangle. It's a big, big university wide party where all the reunioning batches gather together for food, a program and dancing.

Augst 28 is a very important date for Silliman University. It is THE day in Founder's Day. There were a lot of "official" activities in campus today, like the awarding of the Most Outstanding Sillimanian and stuff like that. As for us, we spent the day lounging with some classmates at Bong and Lai's mansion in El Pueblo, where Karen and I helped make the baked prawns in garlic and cheese. Yey! Hehehe. It was a no brainer. Just followed instructions from chief cook, Bong R.

Then in the afternoon we just had to go to Dumaguete landmark Sans Rival for coffee and sweets and raucous stories. Then those of us who were not able to go to the spa last night went for a quick massage at Body and Sole while the rest of us went home to freshen up and prepare for tonight's big event. We're supposed to present a dance number in tonight's program. (!) I don't know if we've mastered it enough to be presentable. Bahala na si Rolito and Susan, our pambato dancers.

So will sign off now, as I've been assigned to go to Basil Tree and order our dinner. :-)


Ligaya said...

Busy busy busy man diay ka karun doc! Here's hoping the surgery skeds will allow u to enjoy all ur activities.

Thank you for your advice doc. I'm kinda leaning towards dttb pod bitaw...

Apil pod sa mga pictures doc, pirmi ra ka wala, hehe

Vk-mahalkaayo said...

sus aguy kabebo kaayo nyo uy.
bisan bc n nagkapuli sa mga schedule, pero mabasa gyd nga bebo n enjoy ka kaayo,

diay, Sans Rival, gusto ko ang mga sweets and cakes nila, lami kaayo.

duna diay Spa or massage dha?....sus wla gyd ko alamat.

mauli ko dha, kay sigi rako sa balay, tabi, kaon n hisgotanay sa mga nanglabay.

going to the city?...wlay gana kay traffic.

diay, duna koy nakita, while nangaon sa manokan, going to boulevard....nakita ko duna massage or unsa to, pero afraid to get inside kay mora man ug ngit-ngit or ay sorry sa commentar,
siguro wla nako ayoha lantaw.

wish to have spa kung

sulay ko sa foot-massage sa park, gusto ko while kaya ang price, galing lang the last, surrender ko kay sakit sa foot n na-blue akong foot.

pero nice there is like this sa park, nga diri haskang mahala, sometimes, think can´t afford having a massage....

improve na kaayo ang dgte sa?...

visit diay ko sa google-pics, dgte. kanindot na kaayo, daghan gyd na mga firm n business....

sigi, have to go, prepare to go in the church, simba na lang ko daan ron kay ugma, dugay momata.....

Have a nice weekend ......
regards, god bless