Saturday, August 2, 2008

meeting minutes and menu

Due to some urgent work, I was able to attend only part of our batch meeting at Abraham's house today. The good thing is, the part that I was able to attend was the Eating part. ;-)

So obviously, I can't share the minutes of the meeting here. What I can share is the Menu!!

Pistacio nuts - for nibble-nibbling

Iced tea - for coolness

Pancit palabok - all time favorite, ordered from Daro

Ham rolls - like lumpiang shanghai except that instead of ground meat, it's a slice of ham that's inside the roll. There was also ham pinsek, same principle as the ham rolls, different shape, like a paper thin crusted empanada.

Flavored bread loaves: Langka and cinnamon

Double dutch ice cream!!

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Vk-mahalkaayo said...

ang sarap naman sa menu, dr, ness,

sa akin importante ito, bahala huli sa chikkahan, pro ang main n importante hindi.

thanks for sharing

have a lovely sunday...........