Tuesday, August 5, 2008

minding the manila meeting (and menu as well)

Even as we, the Dumaguete Group of Batch '78, are semi-frantically fine tuning the details of our upcoming 30th reunion, the Manila Group has also been having their own "tapoks" or meetings.

I asked Erlyn, "So, what have you discussed during your last meeting?"

Erlyn goes, "Meeting? What meeting? Oh, we had a very brief meeting. But we had a lot of Kaon, Karaoke and Katawa. (Food, singing and laughter). Hehehehe."

Here's Rolito's account of their "meeting."
(posted with permission)

I am again requested by the Manila group to update you regarding our meeting held last Saturday, 26 July. Present were Hya, Evalyn, Mitch, Rolito and of course the gracious hosts, Atit and Erlyn. Mitch presented the sample T-shirt with the print and these will be ready a week before Hya's departure for Dumaguete on the 23rd. As earlier mentioned by Mitch, the T shirt design is simple but worth wearing for our 30th class reunion.

For the Manila group people who were not able to attend that meeting, which happens to be our last meeting before the big activity this August, you missed what our hosts prepared. The best kinilaw in town, the delicious lechon from Cebu, courtesy of Evalyn kay birthday lagi niya, the chocolates from Canada, the aromatic tea from China, the yummy buko pie from Tagaytay and the ginger tea with malunggay from Amlan, bwahahahahaha, the sugarcane wine from Ilocos, the nilaw-uy nga isda with camote tops from new manila, the sweety banana cue, definitely not from Bergado's but from Yaya, etcetera etcetera.

Sorry, guys, but I think it was the longest meeting we had because we started at lunch time and we took pa our dinner. Actually, the meeting lasted for about 10 minutes only and the tabi and kaon and tabi and kaon maoy nakapadugay.

The manila group will host any visiting classmate (local or foreign). So please give us a call/text so that we can pick you up. Mitch dugangi ra ni ako gisulti kay morag naa pa to lain. See you guys.

Such posting elicits a wail from Jun U., hankering for Filipino food all the way from Berkeley. "I am so hungry right now! When can I eat those kinds of food again?!"

Rolito immediately comforts him.

"Jun, when you take your vacation to Pinas, paramdam ka lang hahahahahaha. The Manila group is very willing to adopt you or anybody from Class '78. The D. family is opening their doors and windows? hehehe and perhaps the roof bwahahahahaha for any vacationing classmate. Kidding aside, that was one of the agenda we had during our meeting. Kay usahay makadungog na lang mi from the Dumaguete group that so and so arrived on this date and left on this date. Siguro connecting flight. Or just very excited to see their loved ones. Anyway, basta kung kinsa anhi ug Manila please give us a call or a text and we will be there, naks, with open arms, bwahahahahahahaha. Patilawon mo sa mga luto nga wala sa States or any resto or carinderia. Patented na sa ila Atit ug Erlyn."

And so the banter goes on and on. And it's expected to heat up some more as the grand event approaches. I always believe that part of the fun of any activity, is the planning and dreaming about it.

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