Sunday, August 10, 2008

raise it up

Never let it be said that Batch '78 did not rise up to a challenge.

We are so privileged to have an artist among our ranks who designed this banner for us.

After the oohhhs and aahhhs during our meeting last Friday, we had to make a very crucial decision. Who would have the honor of carrying the above banner (ala-ancient Roman army style) during the Founder's Day city parade? We looked around and scrutinized our able-bodied classmates.

One promptly said, "Who me? I can't carry a pole with a heavy tarpaulin banner all over the city." Another one said, "Why are you looking at me? I'm taking maintenance medications!" Another one suggested, "How about using silky cloth like alpha-geena instead of tarpaulin? That would be lighter." And so on and so forth, they had one excuse after another not to carry the tarp banner on a pole.

Girls (one eyebrow up): "We thought you are SOLID. How come you are complaining?"

Boys (vehemently): "Oh, we ARE solid in all OTHER things. Except that we're too... mature to be carrying poles during the parade!"

Yeah, right. I say, more like LIQUID, considering the amount we've allocated for drinks during the (this is Abe's description) "seven-day, action-packed, high intensity reunion celebration." Well, I hope all this talk is not just hot air, for that would mean the solid has transformed not only to liquid but to GAS!

*muchas gracias, bsmton

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