Monday, August 18, 2008

wt ahem

Smartbro is acting unsmart again and it took me forever to access Blogger. With each frustrated click the words that I wanted to write down just flew away, hopefully to come back on another day. So not much posting here tonight. Which in itself is a little wonder already because all other weblogs are inaccessible.

Internet connection was weird. The Olympic sites were fine, Yahoo was fine, emails were fine, IMs were fine, but blog sites were not accessible. The good thing that happened: I was able to chat with classmate Dodie Mae now in Belgium and cousin Pol-Pol (English name: Paul) in UK. Ain't that awesome?! Oh, and it was so funny. Zenovia was online, too, and we chatted for a brief while, updating each other about reunion stuff and then we said enough of this! Why are we chatting when we are both in Dumaguete?! And we just saw each other yesterday. Hahaha!


M.C.Fusilero said...

hi ate ness, i already repaired the Engl 9 you were so "furious" about. Heheh! Thanks for the comment and for forcing me to organize. Actually that's one of my problems. hahah!

ness said...

Hi Macel!

Hehehe. I didn't know "furious" na pala ang dating ko. ;p Thanks for the adjustments made! Ako jud to basahon tanan.