Saturday, September 27, 2008


How many times in this weblog have I said that I'm not very fond of movies? Well, now I take back half of all that because I just watched a most incredible movie tonight. It's a full length indi film entitled "100" written and directed by Chris Martinez, who together with actress Eugene Domingo came all the way from Manila to grace this special showing at the Luce Auditorium. This film has not yet been shown in open theaters in the Philippines so it is really a privilege and a pleasure to have watched this Dumaguete premier.

[I've more to say! but later...]


Mia said...

Hi Doc Ness. I had put it down in my planner as a red letter day, only to find out that I was on duty that day. I had fun at the Indie film fest...Silliman truly has great chops when it comes to bringing in culture..

ness said...

you're so right, mia. about SU and culture. did you know there's no other auditorium like Luce in the entire central and eastern visayas region? even cebu does not have one. i don't know about bacolod, iloilo or davao. we are so privileged here.

and the movie 100 is really a good one. makes me proud to be a filipino. matagal pa daw i-show sa theaters. after november or december pa kuno. a must watch.