Saturday, October 4, 2008

feast menu

These are some of the yummy goodies our lit class feasted on this semester:

Master Charge Blues by Nikki Giovanni

Barbie Doll by Marge Piercy

The Hours Rise Up Putting Off Stars And It Is by e.e. cummings

Sonnets from the Portuguese by Elizabeth Barrett Browning

To His Coy Mistress by Andrew Marvell

Sonnet 116 by William Shakespeare

Jasmine by Bharati Mukherjee

The Conjurer Made Off with the Dish by Naguib Mafouz

Karma by Kushwart Singh

Looking for a Rain God by Bessie Head

Gates of Hell by Ryonosuke Akutagawa

The Kiss by Anton Chekov

Rosendo's Tale by Jorge Luis Borges

August 2002: Night Meeting by Ray Bradbury

Canonization by John Donne

House Opposite by R.K. Narayan

Story of an hour by Kate Chopin

Bhagawad Gita from Hindu scripture

The Theophany of Perfection by Ibn-El Arabi


Vk-mahalkaayo said...

kalami sa inyong mga feast menu....

wla pa nako tanan na open ang mga links imo gihatag....some pa.

balik ra ko to read them all...

lamia kaayo uy, maka hilak man ta ani,,,,bakho na lang, kay kalas ug tubig.

good night.....lili sa ko, human ko ug post sa among suroy ganiha....pero wa pa mahuman.
katulgon nako.

have a nice weekdays nalang pod


Mia said...

thanks for the book list...i'd love to read them too. one by one, I guess. :-)