Monday, October 6, 2008

luv d lib

SU Main Lib

With internet power and convenience, who needs libraries today?

Well, I do. There are things like copyright laws that do not allow some material to be available on-line. So, no problem. I love libraries. I'm one of the geeky ones who would be happier to spend the day at the library than at the mall.

For example, when I was in college in UP Diliman, I did not own a single textbook. Why? Because my dorm was just two blocks from the Main Library where all the lovely books were stocked so why would I need to buy my own?

Well, actually the real reason was I did not have the budget for buying textbooks. Nor for malling, either. So at break of day and at closing time at night, I was at the Gonzalez Hall, most often at the basement where the textbooks were, diligently lapping up the text or taking notes. Yeah, I didn't have a budget for photocopying, either. -_-

UP Diliman Main Lib

If the basement was for serious study, the topmost floor was for relaxation as the newspapers and magazines were there. That was a favorite place as the windows were wide and open and the breeze and sunlight would just flow in and around and carress us all pursuers of knowledge and truth.

One thing I remember distinctly about the UP Lib was the Quiet. Everybody was reading or writing or doing whatever, Quietly.

Not so at the SU Lib. Terribly not so.


bricalz said...

Haha, yup, I love the library. I didn't go to UP so I wouldn't really know the comparison, but the Silliman Lib has its own perks.

Haha, true that the first floor ends up being a meeting place of sorts even if it is a library. What I did, I usually got up to the circulation section on the 2nd floors or the periodicals on 3rd. I find a whole study table by the window and started reading away.

Oh, and about the comments thing sa ako post, I found it working ra man actually. I don't know, must have been a bug. Thank you kaayo doc. Hehe

ness said...

Sige, Bri, defend gyud! hehehe

When I was at the lib today, I had half a mind to scold the teenagers beside me because they weren't studying but chatting! Why don't they do that in the ballfield, huh, so the nerdy ones can focus on what they were reading?

But then again, I would have to scold the entire second floor because, shockingly, it seemed like the entire second floor was the cafeteria nga na aircon. Nobody was whispering but talking in normal voices.

So anyway, I did something too.

And that will be my post tomorrow!

bricalz said...

Haha, I guess with the airconditioning na, the whole place has now turned into a hangout of sorts.

I was there when there wasn't any airconditioning yet save the trusty old fans.

That must have been it then. Haha

And you should have scolded them doc. Hahaha

Mia said...

Hi! Oh i loved SU library... i didn't really care much for the noise. people got quieter at certain times of the day. My only peeve was that they closed at noon! :-S

tsinkoy said...

Oh wow. This blog is quite a serendipitous discovery for me.

I think I know bricalz, as I think I went to kindergarten, grade school and high school with him. lol.

As for libraries, I have always loved the UP Diliman library system, especially the main lib for having late hours. I remember spending a lot of time there reading over chem and bio text. And photocopying! I remember that.

Which dorm were you in in UP? If it's two blocks from the Main Lib, it could be any of them. I know you weren't at Sanggumay because it's a grad student dorm, or Narra because. lol.

I'm thoroughly enjoying reading through your blog, as it brings me back to the city I once called home ( I actually still do).

ness said...

Hi Mia,

Yes, isn't that so Dumaguete? All shops close for lunch break and a nap! Spanish influence kaayo ang siesta time.

ness said...

Hi Tsinkoy,

Yeah, I think you know Brian, you're of the same age man.

In UP, I stayed in Kalayaan, Molave, and Sampaguita. Nag Narra ka ba? If yes, Check this out: Meloinks in my links under Writing More Than Prescriptions. These are my doctor blogger friends, some of whom I've met only virtually!