Friday, October 17, 2008

sinister semester break

We see a lot of awful injuries in the hospitals all the time. From all causes, from the mundane to the incredulous. But this one, though not categorically a physical injury, is definitely a psychological assault. And it leaves me hot, cold and almost speechless.

Hot for umbrage for I am a teacher, too. Cold as in chilled frozen as this happened in my university. And almost speechless because I am no fearless weblogger. This one, I think, you just have to read from the source: Death threats for good grades.


Dominique said...

My take on the thing:

Dominique said...

If I may: you need to make as much noise as you can about this. Get all the Dumaguete bloggers and columnists to express their outrage. In one way, the ruckus is for your safety; but in another, you simply must force Silliman and the city to action on this; heads must roll (figuratively, of course). Otherwise, it will encourage more of the same.

ness said...

Yes, Doms, I agree.