Tuesday, November 18, 2008

dissed and dissected

Disjointed. Erroneous grammar. Poor word choice. Not supported by evidence. Too many disconnected ideas. Not enough details. Reduntant. Pat phrases. Vocabulary? Inconsistent tone. Transition? Subject verb agreement? Gaps in logic. Unnecessary words. Sentence fragments.

Those are some of the comments my teacher made regarding the essay that I submitted for the writing class I'm currently enrolled in. Going through the two page essay reminded me of dissection in anatomy class where every muscle, tendon, artery, vein and nerve is lifted and identified. Every word, line and paragraph in my essay was similarly scrutinized.

Though I pretended to be cool during the critique, inwardly I was smarting as I knew his comments were right. It was a shamefully lousy essay, written haphazardly, by an obviously scatterbrained author. Alack, woe unto me.

So where do we go from here? (cliche, cliche) Hide in a cave and never touch the keyboard again? Right. Drama queens would do that. However, this time, I don't plan to be one.


Dominique said...

Keep fightin', keep writin'!

ness said...

thnx, doms :-)