Wednesday, November 12, 2008

MAB now open!

The third floor of the new Silliman Medical Arts Building opened for patients today! Everything there is ultra mod, high tech and, of course, brand new. The first and second floors of the MAB, which will be doctors' clinics, are still being furnished and individually styled according to each doctor's preferences. The fourth floor, which will be made into patient's rooms also, is still being finished.

Here are some pictures of the third floor of the MAB.

the MAB corridor

At left-center is the wood-paneled nurse's station and across the aisle is the brightly-lit-by-big-windows conference lounge. The lounge itself is not visible from this angle but the pool of light from floor to ceiling windows is noticeable on the floor.

Right across the nurses' station is this cool conference lounge with a long table and comfortable swivel chairs. The floor to ceiling windows overlook the Medical School Building...

... and the Silliman Medical Center Main Building to the right. The scaffoldings visible on the right side of the photo show the ongoing construction of the bridge that connects the MAB to the main hospital building. The bridge, by the way, is fire proof.

And this cheerful flower arrangement brightens up the head nurse's office located between the nurse's station and the conference lounge.

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