Thursday, November 6, 2008

my thoughts

After Barack Obama was declared the elected president of the United States, the new objects of my love and hate, the TV anchors, asked each other and their guests this question: Your thoughts?

Here are mine.

Something has happened, is happening, in that far and distant place called America and its significance reverberates through all nations. The ends of the earth that were supposedly ne’er the twain shall meet have become a global village.

I sense that it is of utmost import that I be still and think deeply, how does this impact me and my community? What are the things that I have seen and heard and learned and what are the things that I can hope to see in the coming months?

The thought fragments will perhaps coalesce into something solid with time and reflection. For now, just these immediate responses.

Amazement. For a very quick count in an election that was so massive it spanned four time zones.

Admiration. For the grace of John McCain, conceding and encouraging his followers to support his new president.

Respect. The counts were not official yet everybody considered them official. That’s something totally unheard of in the Philippines. The last time we had a non-official body making an unofficial count, it almost ended in fist fights and law suits.

Hologram. Not very impressed now. I have a tolerance limit for techno toys.

Virtual hug. For the people of all ages, color, social class. Crying and celebrating together in Grant Park and elsewhere.

Swooning. For Davids Plouffe and Axelrod.

A Flicker. Of hope, perhaps?

Envy. Will my country ever reach that kind of politics?

Despair. Where can we find our Obama?


bricalz said...

Uhm, sorry doc been busy with residency...but you can still reach me at my site.

-- Obama --


Vk-mahalkaayo said...

hheeh´´´hehehehe...........comments over.

bitaw, di unta ko matulog, kay gusto masayod sa election, kinsa modaog, gitulog gyd ko uy.......

si kim na ang misulti sa result.

I admired, Mc Cain too......

McCain, conceding and encouraging his followers to support his new president.

have a nice Sunday.........