Saturday, November 8, 2008

purple is the new green

The Operating Room is literally a green place. Operative linen and scrub suits are traditionally colored green. The walls and floors are all green. Even the oxygen tank is green. Green, afterall, is the universal color for life. And we certainly want our patients to be alive.

But on this particular day, it just so happened that we found four female doctors at the OR dressing room, all donning the color purple! So here they are before changing into green scrubs.

lady docs at the dressing room

It sort of reminds me of the blue states and red states flipping colors and becoming purple. Actually, I don't understand yet why some (if not most?) Americans are diehard Democrats or Republicans, or how that works, or how bipartisanism would be the new in thing. I do know, for sure, that while purple is ok for states or clothes, we don't want our patients turning violet.

1 comment:

Vk-mahalkaayo said...

ganda ng color nyo..........violet-purple.

trend color yon yan dito,or Autumn, trend color is violet.

i like your color.........

before sabi nila violet is for 4F, yon Post mo....heheheh