Saturday, December 6, 2008

events events events

Friday night: First Christmas party for 2008!

Saturday morning: Hospital work (very disturbing cases lately)

Noon: Checked out how the first and second floors of the SU Medical Arts Building are coming along. The fourth floor, which is an extention of the Pedia Floor, is already operational.

Afternoon: Watched the world acclaimed Loboc Children's Choir from Bohol perform at the now-more-posh-than-ever Luce Auditorium

Later 1: Attended the launching of Razceljan Salvarita's art exhibit at the Luce Auditorium lobby. Studded with Dumaguete's finest artists of different genres, the launch was not just any ordinary ribbon cutting ceremony. It was a celebration of art in all its forms. Artists supporting fellow artists. Such is the culture of Dumaguete.

Later 2: House warming party for my cousin Ging-ging who recently moved in to his newly built home at the Sta. Rosario Heights, a new subdivision just within walking distance from where I live. Even as we marveled at the beauty of his new home, we all sorely missed the presence of his once feisty mom, Auntie Aling, who succumbed to multiple myeloma a few years back. It is her birthday today.

Later 3: Writing this outline before I sleep and letting the images and emotions brought about by all these activities coagulate into terms I can write down and post tomorrow. That is, after I watch the Manny Pacquiao - de la Hoya match. As my boxing instructor would say, "Fight!"

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