Tuesday, December 23, 2008

fourth Christmas party for 2008

Of all the December parties, perhaps the one I look forward to the most is the Med School party because every year the students wow us with their creativity and enthusiasm. They're in charge of everything about the party, from planning, to posters, invitations, menu, program, strobe lights, skirted tables and chairs, to clean-up and aftercare, all the big and little details. So far, they haven't disappointed us.

First year students turned their lab gowns into choir gowns by clever use of metallic green and red collars.

The lab cum choir gowns came off as they did a fast paced Broadway number next.

The Sophomores did a through-the-years song and dance medley.

Dancing to Jaicon's Mama Mia

Allen led the Juniors in an Indian inspired dance.

The Seniors (also known as the Clerks or the Junior Interns or the Lowest form of animals in the hospital) altered the words of a carol to ask for a Christmas gift (written on that little paper they're holding): a duty break this Christmas. The faculty's response: in your dreams, babeh.

Compared to last year, the faculty was more prepared this time for our presentation. The "preparation" came in the form of printing the lyrics of the songs that we sang during our first and final practice. ;p

If the faculty was faux prepared the staff was genuinely so as evidenced by the audio-visual presentation they came up with. It started as a slide show about the school, the students and the teachers and it ended with this Christmas number that that they made. (This is only a partial clip showing the initial part of the movie. The rest of the movie is actually more of the same, only repeated several times.)


Scriptwriter and narrator = Koren, our secretary
Editors = Lance and John, our computer guys, officially designated as Learning Resource Personnel
Cameraman and provider of costumes = Carlo, Koren's husband
Choreography = Manong Nato, our Lab Assistant, plus everybody

Who is who"

Koren, the only rose among the bushes, is the leader
Manong Nato, follows Koren
John Dale, follows Manong Nato
Lance, sleeping on the sofa


SONIA said...

haha...looked like fun. very creative, i might add. embellishments on the lab gowns, who would have thought?:-p merry christmas doc!

ness said...

I'm waiting for your entry to TBR Christmas edition!

Vk-mahalkaayo said...

wow knindot sa share nimo nga video uy....maka samot man sa mingaw ani bya....

nindot ila presentations, prima!!!!!

thanks for sharing