Saturday, December 13, 2008

second Christmas party for 2008

Tonight the Silliman Medical Center held its Christmas Party at the NegOr Convention Center, a nice spacious place for a big group of almost 600 people. After the usual speeches and the much awaited bonus announcement for employees, we all enjoyed a very entertaining program prepared by the very talented party committee.

Every year they surprise us with a different gimmick. Last year it was a ballroom dancing competition, and some years back it was a fashion show. This year we had a Mr. and Ms. SUMCFI (Silliman University Medical Center Foundation, Inc.) Contest as well as several awards like Best in Cocktail Dress, Couple of the Night, Most Transformed (yeah, it was amazing to see everyone out of hospital uniform and in party clothes!), Best Hair, Most Futuristic Outfit, and some others that I forgot.

And the winner for Mr. SUMCFI is Bernard Pinero, our ER nurse who looks like a movie star and the winner for Ms. SUMCFI is non-other than Post-Graduate Intern Dr. Stephanie Miaco, who has two weblogs on my links on the right! Way to go, Stephanie!!

Surgery resident Herbert Rebaya, PGI Stephanie Miaco, a nurse (forgot her name!) and Bernard Pinero

Her weblogs:


Rosana said...

Oh my! I'm really getting old...or is old? Stephanie is the daughter of my cousin. Her mom is a Diputado. I saw her when she was yet a lil girl. hu hu hu hu

ness said...

Yes, Rose, she is tall and very intelligent now. And yes, we are, hehehe.

Her mom was there last night and Stephanie made a shoutout to her, greeted her as it was her birthday yesterday.

And yes, I'm not surprised you are related. Beauty runs in the blood!

tsinkoy said...

Wow! It seems like it's a lot of fun.

My work holiday party was earlier tonight, and all they had were hors d' oeuvres and wine and beer. No program, no nothing. I suggested to my boss that it would have been good if someone went up (like the head of the institute) and said something, and introduced the different units.

I work in a flow cytometry core facility at a cancer institute here, and there weren't a lot of people I knew in that party. oh well.

And wow! Stephanie! I remember her from grade school and high school (she is a year younger than me).

ness said...

Hi Tsinkoy,

Stephanie does remember you and sends her regards! She said you're into molecular biology something?

Take care over there and have a merry Christmas!

tsinkoy said...

Hi Ness.

Yes, my background is in molecular biology, although right now, it seems like I'm veering more towards cellular work. :-)

Have a happy holiday!