Monday, December 1, 2008

smiley in the sky with diamonds

What a wonderful treat we had tonight! At around 7 pm, there was a huge smiley in the evening sky, formed by the crescent moon as the smile and two bright-as-diamonds somethings as the eyes. I learned later through the internet that the two bright lights were actually Venus and Jupiter! How awesome is that?!

I tried to take pictures but looks like my camera is not powerful enough to capture such distant light sources. Here are some pics from the net instead:

" A Celestial Summit Meeting" from the Hayden Planetarium

Planets, Crescent Moon to "Frown" on Skywatchers Dec. 1 from the National Geographic. To frown? Well, thankfully for Dumaguete, we got a smiley instead of a frowny. :-)

And here's one drawn by me.

(have trouble uploading. will try again later.)

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