Thursday, December 4, 2008

sweetness and light

That's what we had last Saturday night as the crafts team held a gingerbread-(complete with electricity)-house-making contest! It was a per-family team arrangement and those who did not have complete families banded together to make instant families. Raw materials were specially baked gingerbread slabs for the walls and roofs, pretzels, nacho chips, jelly beans, m and m's, marshmallows, biscuits and lots and lots of icing.

A Filipiniana inspired gingerbread house

Where are Hansel and Gretel? This house is good enough to eat!

We had some architectural wonders and we had some architectural disasters that ended up in a heap of goo before the judges could go around and choose the winners. Some adults were dismayed when over-enthusiastic little hands caused their gingerbread houses to teeter or tilt, if not outright fall to the platform. But I think two year old Chelsea summed it up quite well when she said of their handiwork, "This is a happy house!"

Chelsea had a hearty appetite after building their gingerbread house with her Mom and Dad.

What to do with all that left over icing? Right.

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Vk-mahalkaayo said...

sarap ng gingerbread nyo...ganda pa ang pagka gawa,
siguro ang sarap nito.

nakatuwa ang mga bata, tama, icing?...tilapan pa gani nako....kung ako.

ay tagalog........bitaw, karon xmas season,wa gyd ko gabake ug mga xmas cookies, gitapulan ko,

mayo na lang raquel sent us, sus nahurot gyd dayon uy.....

ulahi na kung magbake ko, then bc pod ko kay wrks ko wholeday, sayang balibaran kay di man permi ang pasko...........

sigi, dr. ness, lili lang ko, lantaw ra ko sa imong mga gipang post.....

have a nice 3rd advent to you and to all........