Wednesday, December 17, 2008

third Christmas party for 2008

Tonight the Pedia Department and the OB-Surgery Departments of SUMCFI had their Christmas parties at the SUMCFI rooftop and at the Cunningham Hall respectively. Are there more of us or did the Cunningham Hall get smaller that's why it seemed pretty crowded in there? Or maybe there was just so much food that the food tables occupied a big part of the place. The food, by the way, was not catered but lovingly cooked by staff members who, well, love cooking.

On display were lechon, pancit bihon, pancit palabok, fish fillet with vegetables, chopsuey, dinuguan, shrimps, and a lot more but I didn't bother about them as I zeroed in on my all time favorite, the humba. The assortment of desserts was too numerous to count, but I will gladly try: chocolate cake, butter cake, brazo de mercedez, mangoes in cream, fresh fruits, buko salad and some other trays that were empty so I don't know what they contained. This is so typical of Filipino parties. There just has to be a lot of food or a wide assortment to choose from. So unlike the parties in American homes I've been to where there is usually only one main entree.

There was a pre-dinner and a post-dinner program but I didn't stay long because I was not feeling too well. Eat and run, that's what its called.

What I ate, among the abundant array: humba forever, pancit palabok, fish fillet with vegetables, buko salad and pickings of assorted other desserts. "Pickings" means "just a little bit, instead of one whole slice." Hohoho. Looks like I'm not that sick as I don't seem to have lost my appetite.

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