Friday, January 9, 2009

Dumaguete Delicacies

Ivon's baye-baye, from Bayawan

Made from grounded glutinous rice, cooked with shredded coconut and sugar. Except for the shape, this is similar to the espasol in Luzon, particularly Laguna.

Banana Que Foreverrrrr

Fried saba bananas with caramelized brown sugar, skewered on bamboo sticks for easier biting into. Who can resist these?

Nilung-ag nga saging

My number one favorite of all time. Boiled semi-ripe bananas dipped in fish bagoong. You can also do this with boiled camote and with green mangoes. Or you can use uyap/shrimp bagoong instead of fish bagoong. Yummy all the way. Just watch your blood pressure and blood sugar. ;p

These are not my pictures. Thank you very much to the sources, OTOP (One Town One Product) and Market Manila! Click on the images to see where I got them from.

This post was inspired by some people who said that they missed Dumaguete food. Well, these are just some of our old time favorites. As for the other fave foods, hopefully I will be able to take their pictures myself, sometime this year. ;p


tsinkoy said...

Noooooo! I want those!

Just you wait, I'll have those in March! :-)

Ligaya said...

Hey!! I liked baye-baye! Someone brought some sa hospital, and it was yummy.

Don't forget our mutual favorite, Doc Ness...Gold Label pianono!

dr tes said...

ga laway ko sa saging, my all time favorite comfort food.

Vk-mahalkaayo said...


gatulo akong laway sa linug-ang saging nga sab-a....nga galumoy-lumoy ang caramelized nga asukar,

sus kalami ani uy......

nilung-ag nga saging.....paresan ug ginamos or bulad nga sinugba....

i am coming...............hayyyyyyyyyy

SONIA said...

i love shrimp bagoong! i eat it with anything! long live semi-ripe green mangoes and bananas!! :-)