Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Maria goes to (another part of) Asia

A new Canon EOS is for many things. And one of those things is for playing tourist. So we hopped on a plane for a three hour ride to Suvarnabhumi (pronounced su-wa-na-poom) Airport in Bangkok, the airport that was under siege just a couple of months ago.

Some of my friends have raved about Thailand and things Thai while others have ranted, “Walay angay ang Bangkok” so being a kinesthetic learner, I just had to experience it for myself.

The Airport

is huge. And there are lots of ATM machines and money changers there so you can easily get your bahts at the airport. There are all sorts of transportation means to the city. For 150 baht per person, we took the airport shuttle bus to the flashpackers’ ghetto,

Khao San Road,

the place for tourists on a budget. This road, as well as the other nearby roads in the Banglumpho area, are lined with bars, restaurants, sidewalk cafes, internet cafes, travel agencies, massage, tatoo and beauty parlors, street food vendors, souvenir shops, tailoring shops, ATM machines, several convenience stores and of course, hotels, hostels, inns and such. Thanks to Gaya, we were careful to avoid the Marco Polo Hostel and instead found this really nice and clean hotel called the

Sleep WithInn,

which just opened last January 5. It was so spanking brand new, our bathroom fixtures even had labels yet. I give it a 10/10 rating in terms of cleanliness, location, interior decoration, helpfulness of the English speaking staff, value for money, pleasantness of atmosphere, and amenities like hot water, cable tv (playing mostly Thai channels though), a safe in the room, modern locks and electrical controls and a very fast elevator.

The swimming pool at the rooftop was a big bonus! Khao San Road actually reminded me of Boracay, where there are many tourists and touristy areas crowded together near the beach, except that there is no beach on Khao San Road. A swim in the pool added to the “vacation sense” of the trip. The biggest plus, I think, would be the price, because the room rates were on sale (1,050 baht instead of 1,500 baht), as they had just opened and were still promoting the place.

So I’m vigorously endorsing that hotel, in case any of you plan to stay in the Banglumpho area in Bangkok, the Sleep WithInn is along Rambutrri Road, just parallel to Khao San Road, which is just a two-minute walk away.

Sleep WithInn pictures:

At the lobby, just before the reception desk

You might not have time to sit here while waiting for the elevator because their elevator is Fast!

Every room has a different wall decor design.


Em Dy said...

The hotel looks good. Wasn't Bangkok scary? I'm scared to go back because of the crisis that they faced.

By the way, I'm hosting TBR. This edition's theme is love. Hope you can join in.

Em Dy said...

Now that you have a DSLR, join us at Litratong Pinoy!

Ligaya said...

waaahh!!!! you're in bangkok doc ness?! I'm so suya!!! ganahan ko balik hu hu hu...

if you want to shop but can't stand grabe nga crowds, go to suan lum night bazaar :-)

ness said...

Hi Doc Em,

From what I've seen, mukhang back to normal na ang Bangkok. That airport siege was really bad because tourism is a big industry for Thailand. Sana hindi na maulit.

Sige, I'll join Litratong Pinoy! I've checked out the website already and read the instructions. Hopefully next week makasali na ako. Thanks for inviting me!

And of course, as ever, sali ako sa TBR Love edition. :-)

ness said...

Hi Gaya,

Hehehe. I took pictures baya of the Marco Polo Hostel! We checked out their rooms too and you're right, bare as in basic bare. Pero in fairness (ala showbiz), the receptionist was very helpful. She could speak good and understandable English (which is a rare commodity in Bangkok, I discovered)and she was able to give us a lot of important information regarding where to and how to get there.

Ang shopping... well, that is another post entirely!