Monday, January 12, 2009

Saturday. Sea. Swim. StorieS. PoolS.

Talking about a fun event multiplies the enjoyment of it and that's what we did at work today, talk about what fun we had last Saturday. It's quite interesting, to have the same group of people (the OR personnel) in different outfits (scrubsuits/beachsuits) and in a different scenario (operating room/beach) where the only worrisome moments were when we forgot to bring drinking water and when I got "anod/natangay" by the current. And they reminded me, "Doc, don't forget the smack down! Ang dakong saplag sa dakong balod." Oh, yeah, at one point I turned around and this big wave landed on my face with a big splat. It was like the sea was saying, "Ah, so you like to play? Well, here's one, right at ya."

One would think that after an afternoon of such rambunctious play the next thing to be had would be a good and early bedtime. But nooo. Next stop: the Teves Memorial Aqua Center, just next door to the Perdices Coliseum, for some lap swimming. (Photos were taken on a sunny day last week, together with the rubberized red running track pictures.)

This is the view of the 8-lane main pool and the diving pool in the foreground from the 20-feet diving platform. I did go up to the 30-feet platform but the photo I got from that height is markedly skewed. Most likely because I only used one hand to point and shoot as the other hand was holding on tightly to the railing.

The diving platforms, in ten foot increments. Of course, my going up to the forty-feet level was out of the question. ;p

the diving pool

Went swimming at the Aqua Center again today but the main pool was off -limits to all swimmers because it had just been treated with a chemical. Chlorine, maybe? So we all had to use the 18-feet-deep diving pool! Uh-oh. I kept my eyes shut most of the time underwater so I wouldn't be intimidated by how deep it was.

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Vk-mahalkaayo said...

dr. ness,

pastilan, di gyd ko ani moambak....hadlok gyd ko, gasaka pa gani ko, nagkorog na dalang tulo sa

dagat? igo ra tiglom-tiglom...

PE-swimming sauna, sus pastilan, kalbario gyd kaayo.

kahibalo bya ko mosalom, ay tiglom ra diay to....

kanindot sa pool sa? limpyo pa kaayo.....

thnks for sharing sa s-pool....