Monday, January 5, 2009

take two

[This is a continuation of yesterday's post, as that one was aborted by power outages, the electrical and the human kind.]

A fun story needs to be told more than once, that's why this post is a rehash of the same events, as seen from Mitch's eyes. Also, telling the same story over and over again is a hallmark of advancing age. ;p It is so. Isn't it? Is.



My holidays are always spent in Dumaguete, without fail. Moreso now that my mother is still trying to fill in the shoes of Santa after my dear Papa passed on about two years ago. Apart from the eagerness and excitement of seeing my family and other relations anew, I always look forward to meeting my “batchmates for life” from SUHS Class of 1978 – whether through chance encounters in downtown Perdices Street or in spur of the moment “tapok tapok” sessions.

Allow me to share with you some snippets of what transpired this time around.

29 December 2008

My mobile phone had two text messages from Hya and Zenovia that Ingrid G. was in town and wanted to meet the gang. Then Meling wanted to be sure that it was not a chain-text message. I wondered why the burden had to be on me ...

And so it was set: “Tapokation” at Hayahay for dinner. Bring yourselves. (Translation: For those who are curious, Hayahay is an open-air restaurant of sorts located down the Lo-oc Street; a dirt road separates it from the open sea. It has nightly folk singers that compete with the voices of the customers. Mas yagaw pa gyud sa disco-han days of yore. That night, I thought the oldie singer had seen better days and should think of an alternative job. Surely, a tremolo-ridden voice doesn’t sound good for country and folk ditties).

While I was at the ICU of Holy “Charge” Hospital visiting a sick aunt, Zenovia sent me another text message that the group was near the stage. I reckoned they had to be near the performer as some were either hearing or visually challenged already. Erlyn added they were waiting for me na gyud kuno. Ni-text pud akong Mama that Dr. Meling passed by our house and asked for me. I never felt so wanted in my life.

I was at the scene of the crime (sa Hayahay ba, in case you don’t follow anymore) at a quarter past seven. It didn’t take a Sherlock Holmes to spot out the usual suspects – pot-bellied beer-guzzling chaps, and full-bodied women with bored looks. Beso-beso dayon tanang tawo sa kalibutan. Gasagol ang mga Section A, B, C, D ug E – Meling, Erlyn and Atit, Neri T. and hubby, Susan F., Zoe A. and hubby, Sandra F., Bong S., Adeliza O., Eric L., Grace B., Natoy V., Father Abraham, Zenovia the Great, Sexy Hya (who is thinking of relocating back to Dumaguete; naa na siyay brand new house sa Valencia), and Bobby R. who is a dead-ringer for Gov. Dodo Macias. Just before we changed our venue, Pam G. showed up, and left ra pud dayon. Naa dagway gahulat, unsa ba?

I hope I didn’t miss anybody. Pasaylo-a gyud ko ug naay nalimtan.

Gabaha gyud ang beer ug uban pang drinks, sinugbang maya-maya (heavenly!), grilled pork chop, et cetera. We were “fed up” (mao daw ni ang correct term sa busog gyud kaayo). Salamat kaayo, Ingrid. Maayo baya ni siyang himuon ug model kay wala gyud siya mausab – same face, same hair, same everything. Compliment baya ni, Ingrid, ok?

At close to midnight, sakay sa among mga motor, awto ug uban pa...we transferred to Why Not? Disco sa boulevard entertainment row. Mura gyud ug mga tin-edyer pa! Walay kakapuy to the max. Wa pa gani moabot ang among order nga drinks, ga-sayaw-sayaw dayon mi sa dance floor. Nag dejavu dayon ko. It was as if time stood still and we were in high school all over again. Sadya-a uy! The band leader, my cousin, played age-appropriate ska and reggae music.

I had to go home at half past midnight. Ceasefire usa ko sa beer kay mag-motor pa baya ko pauli sa amo. Some went home, while others chose to go elsewhere. What a full day. I think I smiled all the way home. Really, it feels good to be with friends.

2 January 2009

Ni-text si Meling asking if anybody was available for a post-Christmas potluck party for the batch. Pagdala pud kuno ug P50-worth of exchange gift, something funny daw. Although Rummel didn’t know it yet, it was a unanimous decision that his palatial domicile would be our party place. Kay mao gyuy nahitabo.

At past seven, people started to trickle in, gadala ug pagkaon nga giplastic, gi-cutrite, gi-reynold’s wrap; uban may regalo, uban nalimot nga may exchange gift (typical gyud ni at this age, limtanon na). Nagdungan mi ug abot si Susan and youngish company (naughty remark this one: “cousin” kuno niya – hala sige, ‘kasin-’ ig-agaw gud). When Hya and I arrived, ga “sing-al” (sing-along ba) na si Host Rummel, Joemar T. and wifey, Neri’s husbandry, Bong S. ug si Natoy. The “buffet table” was guarded by Neri T., Ingrid and Sandra F. Naa pay wrapper ang dakong lechon aron crispy ra gihapon. Dinuguan, litson manok, puso (hanging rice gud), siomai, baye-baye, mango float, seedless grapes, binakhaw (baling halanga, pero lami), pansit canton, pansit bihon, etc. Free flowing ang ice-cold drinks.....

Si Sister Zenovia ang nag-prayer. Kaon na pud! Others in attendance were, Leolynn and hubby, Dr. Meling, Dr. Bong R., Bobby R., Joey A., Father Abraham. Over dinner, naay viewing sa video of the batch’s 30th year reunion last August. Alegre gyud kaayo.

Games na pud ... Si Meling ang game hostess. Actually, the first game by Susan F. involved eggplants nga ibutang sa ilalum sa crotch of the guys and the girls were supposed to hold them. Ay, ambut kay objection man dayon kay bastos daw... Charade na lang, sige ug change sa rules; tanan naay reklamo; may mga protesta; pwerteng daghanang violations. Ang prize? Talong lang gihapon.

Exchange gift na ... I-explain man jud ug nganong funny ang gift. Basta sadya gyud!

Sing-along na pud.... Hay, kalami sa kinabuhi!

Alas Dos na sa buntag ... 3 January 2009 na.... Mangape ta sa Dunkin’ Donuts, the only place open sa Dumaguete. Brewed coffee tanan, one loooong table. Repeat na pud sa mga istorya sa kagahapon. Katawa. Agik-ik. Alas Tres na. Manguli na ta ...

3 January 2009

zenov leading the boys (tatoy, abbe, eric, bong r.) in a hilarious hep-hep-hurray game

opening my gift... something for the bathroom

the funniest gift of the night: an almost empty bottle of lotion, kasi worth 50 pesos lang naman ang usapan, di ba?

getting ready for... volleyball...

... spike? (set? block? shoot? we all got confused because they were mixing up their games and actions!)

mao ni ang ... basketball...shoot!

are we having fun yet?

Happy faces in the New Year

leolyn, mitch, ingrid, hya, joemar
grace, rummel, bong r., bong s., sandra
tatoy, eric, joey, neri
zenov, tes, abbe, bobby, ako
susan, neri's hubby, deb, joemar's wife, gary

how'd you like my long hair? made by bong r. on his iPhone. want to photoshop the eyebags but don't know how

and here's joey with Some Hair, also by bong's iPhone


Bonnie M. said...

Ang saya-saya nyo. Nakaka-inggit!

ness said...

as in, tinuod.

Rosana said...

hahaha i like the Iphone pics...

Vk-mahalkaayo said...


namoot ko sa inyo pics,, ako gyd giclick uy.

nindota nyo kay bebo gyd kaayo, ka nindot pa sa mga smilesssss

balik ra ko basa, simba sa ko....gasnow na pod pero mosimba gyd Thanks God for all the wonderful blessing he gives us, daily.


Vk-mahalkaayo said...

sus kanindot n kabibo gyd ninyo,
nindot pod kay naa ra pod mo dha tanan sa dgte.

talagsaon ra nga kabatch magkaingon ani n closed kaayo.

dali ra matapok n jolly pd kaayo.

sus pagkaon lang inyoa, pastilan, mao ni party nga spontan ra......beboooooooo kaayo mo uy.

buntaganay gyd ug di mapoyo ug usa ra ka place or resto....suroyon gyd tanan, asa ang nindot n comfotable kaayo,

kaon-hisgot-hisgot sa karon ug kani-adto, balik-balikon....dayon....bahakhakkkkk

kanindot sa inyong batch!!!!!!

thanks for sharing.....maka-ibog kaayo sa inyo kabebo.

mao nay LIFE.....enjoy while still young and Kaya pa.........

kay kung tigols or di na magmingaw....

bahala ug limtanon, basta banat gyd......

daghan kaayo salamat sa pag sharing, lingaw gyd ko ug basa.

bebo kaayo mo......

mao na di ikapuli ug sa gawas, kay wa gyd ni....kung di mouli pinas, na wa gyd...

kay diri puro gadali, way oras, hapit na gani di magkita..........

di noon tanan, pero mora ug hapit tanan........

nindot gyd life sa pinas.......

Vk-mahalkaayo said...

imong hair, sa iphone kuha ....

heheheh, nindot man, angayan ka...

see curly pa