Tuesday, February 17, 2009

a-half-and-one revolutions

A Semi-Revolution
Robert Frost (1875-1963)

I advocate a semi-revolution
The trouble with a total revolution
(Ask any reputable Rosicrucian)
Is that it brings the same class up on top.
Executives of skillful execution
Will therefore plan to go half-way and stop.
Yes, revolutions are the only salves.
But they're one thing that should be done by halves.

A Total Revolution (An answer for Robert Frost)
Oscar Williams (1900 - 1964)

I advocate a total revolution.
The trouble with a semi-revolution,
it's likely to be slow as evolution.
Who wants to spend the ages in collusion
with Compromise, Complacence and Confusion?
As for the same class coming up on top
that's wholecloth from the propaganda shop;
the old saw says there's loads of room on top.
That's where the poor should really plan to stop.
And speaking of those people called the "haves."
Who own the whole cow and must have the calves
(and plant the wounds so they can sell the salves),
they won't be stopped by doing things by halves.
I say that for a permanent solution
there's nothing like a total revolution!

P.S. And may I add by way of a conclusion
I wouldn't dream to ask a Rosicrucian.


M.C.Fusilero said...

Hi, ate ness wow, contemporary lit criticism sounds exciting. I know you're enjoying every minute kahit "lisud". heheh!!! and arrrgggh!
For my part, since I'm teaching it to my undergrad students (not contemporary lit criticism but literary criticism from classicism to contemporary), I have to read all the books available for me in this city. heheh!!! i also use ebooks. so far, i'm enjoying every page of my books about litcrit. I'm also reading Ed Tiempo's Lit Crit in the Philippines. Grabe! ka bright nalang jud ni Sir Ed noh? hurot na ako bilib sa iyaha. grabe na cover niya halos tanan aspect sa litcrit didto na book. Regards sa mga co-workers nimo sa Bread...i wish we could sit for a day and just talk about fiction, poetry, criticism.
By the way my favorite of all the theories is the objective. I also like Horace. heheh!!! see you when I see, te ness!

ness said...


I am so not enjoying every minute! Derrida is giving me a doubly dreadful dastardly time. I like Horace, though, with his dulce et utile perspective. Maybe when I get to read Sir Ed Tiempo, then I will learn to love Lit Crit as you do!

Hey, it's great that you love Lit Crit otherwise it would be a pain to teach such a difficult subject.

We're going to Cebu for The Brown Raise on Feb 24 in Ayala OnStage. Will you be there, too?!!